Mushroom Chocolates have positively impacted my life in ways that I would have never expected.
As someone who has diagnosed clinical anxiety and depression I am constantly looking for ways to aid my symptoms and from the beginning of my use, psilocybin has significantly improved my mood and helped me to regulate my emotions and thoughts. This has been accomplished through micro dosing and full experiences.
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Jeremy B.regular customer

Amazing mushroom chocolate, I really enjoyed the trippy feeling I got from the polka dot shroom chocolates. Will definitely recommend them to my friends.
Miranda Schrimsher.regular customer

Great quality and the shipping is on time. Whether it be work, play, or relaxation, i found the polkadot chocolate products to accompany me along the way. Day to day functionality with a special view of what’s in front of me.

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Relian Rus.regular customer

Fusion Bar chocolate tastes amazing, is locally made, and crafted with the best intention. I can not say enough good things about these products but I would strongly encourage anyone who is considering trying to start here. Fungi has a variety of different doses and the team is extremely knowledgeable, offering great feedback and expertise. Thank you again!
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Samone Rik.regular customer

Never thought it possible to have shroom chocolates that taste this good independently, yet also have micro doses of psilocybin in them. You can taste the quality alongside the love and care that has been put into these chocolates. If there ever was a gold standard for micro-doses of psilocybin in chocolate form, this is definitely it!
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Richard F Rulong.regular customer